Serena Lindsay

Singing Teacher

Presentation Skills Teacher


Based in the East Midlands, Serena is a singing teacher. Pupils range in age from 4 to 84! Serena has many pupils learning for all sorts of reasons.


Sing for fun, sing for the adrenaline rush, sing for a confidence boost, sing because you are fantastic! Learn about making a great noise. Sign up for lessons today.


Why go to a singing teacher for business presentation skills? The skills you learn in how to produce sound can be applied to effective, confident business presentation when speaking.


Give your business a boost and improve your confidence as a presenter by booking a series of individual, bespoke lessons with Serena without delay. Serena's music and business background is an unusual one and you can use that to your advantage in your business or in your singing life today.


Lessons are in your own home or in your office to be as convenient as possible for you. Use the contact page to arrange for us to meet and discuss the training you need.