What the lessons involve - what is on offer here

Lessons should be fun. This is not a school environment with a dictated curriculum and I teach you in your own home or in your office or anywhere else mutually agreed upon - so you have every reason to feel relaxed about this new opportunity.


Learning to sing or to present means using your body as your instrument. You therefore need to be aware of how you work and what you can exploit in order to communicate effectively whether speaking or singing. We therefore spend time experimenting with the sound and this is alot of fun along the way. Lessons are hard work but as light hearted as possible in order that you learn in a relaxing, comfortable way and (almost) learn without realising it to change the way you currently speak, sing or present.


Lessons involve warming up methods, technical exercises, learning points about how and why you produce sound, breathing techniques and much, much more. Each lesson is bespoke to you as the pupil and works at your pace.


If you wish we can prepare for exams such as RockSchool or ABRSM or we can work towards your next OpenMic event. They are your lessons!


Prospective pupils have often asked about the need to practice.


Yes, this is necessary and there is no getting away from that. Presentation, speaking and singing can only change if the body (the instrument) becomes accustomed to a new way of working and this is achieved by practice. However, in the lessons, we discuss how and when to practice to endeavour to fit it in to our busy lives.


Pupils learn more effectively if they enjoy their performance and practice is part of that and so should also be enjoyable, not arduous, so we work on that.